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Lotteries have always been a fun and stimulating form of entertainment and Jumbo continues to use technology to keep lotteries relevant to a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.


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Annual Report

Read Jumbo's Annual report for FY2016. Profits reached a record high in the past four years, with continuing investment in technology and online marketing leading to a 20% increase in TTV, an 18% increase in Revenue, and a 1.8% decrease in operating costs, providing a seven-fold increase in NPAT to $4.67M.

Our Board of Directors

The Board and Management Team have the skills and ability to deliver Jumbo’s vision of being the leading global lottery e-retailer.

Corporate Governance

As a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Jumbo Interactive complies with the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations published by the ASX’s Corporate Governance Council.

About Jumbo

Jumbo is a leading digital retailer of official government and charitable lotteries. We utilise cutting edge technology to develop engaging and entertaining purchase experiences for our customers across a range of digital platforms.