Meet the Team

Collectively, the board and executive management team have the skills and ability to deliver Jumbo’s vision of being the leading digital retailer for lotteries worldwide.

Board of Directors

  • Mike Veverka

    Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

  • David Barwick

    Chairman and non-Executive Director

  • Sharon Christensen

    Non-Executive Director

  • Bill Lyne

    Company Secretary and non-Executive Director

  • Giovanni Rizzo

    Non-Executive Director

Executive Team

  • Brad Board

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Xavier Bergade

    Chief Technology Officer

  • David Todd

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brian J. Roberts

    President, North America

Division Managers

  • Abby Perry

    Head of Human Resources

  • Greg Le Sueur

    Head of Product

  • Brenda Melville

    Head of Lottery Operations

  • Mark Reidy

    Head of Marketing

  • Chris Perry

    Head of Engineering

  • Michael Driver

    Head of Business Development

  • Levi Putna

    Head of Client Success

Accounting & Legal

  • Angie Cheung

    Financial Controller

  • Derek Li

    Financial Controller

  • Nikki Searby

    Legal Counsel and Investor Relations