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Power all sales channels from a single source.

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Sales Channels – Responsive Website
Responsive Website Image

Our responsive website delivers the optimal customer experience.

Feature all your lottery products on a single flagship website, built for your customers’ favourite devices.

Leverage our optimised purchase funnel, designed to boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Upsell ticket books or subscription products, and offer promotions in a seamless flow.

Smart Upsell Image

Smart upsell features to increase revenue.

Feature products to upsell in-cart or on your homepage, according to your marketing strategy.

Control featured products from a simple interface, with customisable messaging & homepage images.

Automate campaign start/end times, and set custom messaging to update in-line with draw phases.

Sales Channels – Native App & Point of Sale
Dedicated App Image

Our dedicated app puts you right in your customers’ pocket.

Apps deliver smoother transitions and faster load times, for a more engaging mobile experience.

Leverage push notifications, and keep app customers permanatley logged into their account.

Utilise facial recognition or finger-print access for simple and secure account logins.

Load Our Point of Sale App Image

Load our Point of Sale app onto a range of devices.

Offer physical sales with our Point of Sales app, connected to a fixed or portable printing device.

Accept a range of in-person payment options, like contactless payments when paired with PayPal Here.

Offer a website-like flow and upsell features, then print a physical receipt and email a digital copy.

Sales Channels – Operator Purchase & Offline Sales Import
Enabled Phone Sales and Physical Retail Image

Enable phone sales and physical retail with operator purchase.

Transact on behalf of customers, like those who prefer to order via inbound or outbound phone calls.

Leverage a flow optimised for phone sales, with upsell tools and prompts to increase cart value.

Real-time access to customer’s profiles helps you service the customer and recommend products.

Process Offline Orders Image

Process offline orders in bulk with a dedicated tool.

Import CSV files of sale-orders from any channel, agent, affiliate, or location — like direct mail sales.

Automatically creates or matches customer accounts, then processes payments & issues tickets.

Streamlined flow for resolving file or order issues, with handy list-export functionality.

Other key benefits
Ways To Pay Image

Provide customers with multiple ways to pay.

Credit/debit card


Direct deposit



Money Order


Check channel performance with real-time reporting.

Monitor sales performance by channel, product, or affiliate — building & exporting reports as required.

Tools to easily reconcile payments and commissions.

Pipe sales data through integrated apps for added business intelligence.

Don't let your growth be restricted by the tools you use.