Use customer data to optimise your marketing.

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Structure and extract your data

Structure and extract your data for use in other apps.

We securely track and record your customers transactional & behavioural events.

Data piping ensures real-time customer events flow seamlessly into over 200+ other apps.

Connect your preferred marketing tool, then use your customer data to optimise marketing activities.

Pipe the right data

Pipe the right data into the right tools in the right format.

Collect, clean and control customers’ behavioural and transactional event data.

Pipe optimised data to 200+ marketing and business intelligence apps that integrate with our platform.

Automatically segment your customers

Automatically segment your customers based on the right criteria.

Use customers’ historical, real-time, and predictive data to optimise your marketing activities.

Live-views show how every customer interacts with your business, giving you insight to future behaviours.

Leverage predictive analytics to design more intuitive customer journeys.

Reach your customers

Reach your customers with the right message at the right time.

Personalised marketing based on customer interests, behaviors, location, and previous purchases.

Send personalised push notifications, emails, SMS and in-app messages via powerful customer segments.

Automate marketing activites based on behavioural, event or time-based triggers.

Make smarter business decisions

Make smarter business decisions backed by the right data.

Create a single source of truth across departments, then view & analyse real-time business performance.

Inform business strategy with data-driven insights.

Create custom workflows & dashboards to visualise sales, marketing and customer data at a glance.

Don't let your growth be restricted by the tools you use.