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Optimise your lottery for efficiency and growth.

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Operating Costs Image

Reduce operating costs with lottery automation.

Automatically open and publish a new draw when the previous one ends.

Automatically score a draw to determine the winners, then publish the results to your website.

Automatically close ticket sales across all channels once the draw is sold out.

Seamless Offer Image

Offer a seamless experience with real time ticketing.

Real-time draw performance at a glance lets you monitor ticket allocations by channel.

Manually add or shuffle ticket allocations to ensure channels don’t sell out early.

Delight customers with instant ticket delivery.

Draw Raffle Winners Image

Draw raffle winners with our certified solution.

Draw the winners required by your prize structure, based on your own elegibility requirements.

Verify winners with smart reports, then automatically notify winners once approved.

Import results from external systems if required.

Gaming System Image

Keep your gaming systems in sync using our APIs.

Automatically pull draw details from your existing systems into our platform.

Automatically pull ticketing activites from other systems into our platform.

Automatically pull draw results and prize winnings from other systems into our platform.

Boost Customer Image

Boost customer engagement with multiple game types.

Support any draw-based lottery game or ticket-based raffle model.

Provide flexible play options and number-picking methods that customers love.

Offer incentives such as bonus draws and discounts on ticket bundles.

Fuel Repeat Image

Fuel repeat purchases with four subscription models.

Multi Draw — Buy multiple draws in advance.

AutoPlay — Buy every time there’s a new draw.

Time Based — Buy’s on a set chronological basis.

Jackpot Hunter — Automated purchases for draws with desired jackpot values.

Highlight Prizes Image

Highlight prizes with smart content management tools.

Upload prize draw content to a central source.

Publish content to a range of digital touch-points, and make changes with ease.

Pipe content through integrated apps to personalise customer experiences.

Don't let your growth be restricted by the tools you use.