Customer Management

Purpose built for lottery engagement & support.

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support any custmer

Support any customer query with our smart search tool.

Quickly find customers using a range of identifers, with a search that filters results as you type.

Customer details, login history & purchase behaviours help support-staff understand the customer’s story.

Easily perform a variety of core support activities like updating preferences and resetting passwords.

empower customers

Empower customers to manage their own accounts.

Customers can edit a range of personal details and preferences, helping to minimise support calls.

Flexible funding management options let customers play their way, while remaining in control.

Customers can easily view purchase history, create favourite tickets and manage subscription purchases.

customer records

Upload and edit customer records in bulk.

Upload customer data from your existing system into our platform, with logic to prevent duplicates.

Choose the types of data to import — from customer details to payment methods & purchase histories.

If any data fields don’t match ours, choose to import the information as general account notes.

customer records

Retain ownership & privacy of your customer data.

Store customer data privately in a secure data warehouse.

Access your data warehouse to build and export custom lists for use in offline campaigns

Write custom queries based on your needs or use our library of common lottery queries.

customer records

Enjoy peace of mind with advanced security tools.

Set access levels for different users according to their roles & responsibilities, including third party agents.

Secure audit logs record all platform acitivies, helping you troubleshoot incidents and monitor users.

customer records

Promote responsible play with customer protection tools.

Choose whether to verify customer identities before they make a purchase or deposit.

Set responsible gambling limits on behalf of customers, and allow customer self-exclusion.

Monitor & report suspicious or fraudulent behaviours, and manage product access with geo-targeting.

Don't let your growth be restricted by the tools you use.