Leadership team

The Board and Management Team have the skills and ability to deliver Jumbo’s vision of being the leading global lottery e-retailer.

Board of Directors

  • David Barwick

    Chairman and non-Executive Director

  • Mike Veverka

    Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

  • Bill Lyne

    Company Secretary and non-Executive Director

Executive Team

  • Brad Board

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Xavier Bergade

    Chief Technology Officer

  • David Todd

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brian J. Roberts

    President, North America

Division Managers

  • Abby Perry

    Head of Human Resources

  • Levi Putna

    Product Owner

  • Chris Joyce

    Product Owner
    (Lottery Platforms)

  • Brenda Melville

    Head of Lottery Operations

  • Alan Astley

    Head of SEO

  • Rob Holcombe

    Head of Data

  • Bronte Jacobson

    Head of Marketing

  • Greg Le Sueur

    Head of Design