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Jumbo has a long history in software and retail, spanning over 25 years. After many different initiatives and company directions, Jumbo has made its mark in the niche market of lotteries.
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Our founder and CEO, Mike Veverka started the business as Squirrel Software Technologies Pty Ltd, in July 1995. They started out building software for the web and selling website design services door-to-door. Through customer feedback and out of necessity, Mike launched an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which sold internet connections in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. Squirrel Internet ISP was sold in 1997 to focus on software - a critical decision in our journey to where we are today!

In 1998, Mike spent time in Silicon Valley and started a software company called “Rocketfuel Software”, with the tagline “Software that rocks!”. He also had an idea to sell software and services to merchants around the world, from a single website. The website was given the name Jumbomall, taking inspiration one day after seeing the impressive size of a Jumbo 747 plane.


Jumbomall.com was soon listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in September 1999, just in-time for the dotcom frenzy. Shares skyrocketed, and the strength of the business showed when Jumbo survived the 2000 dotcom crash and continued gaining momentum. Some of our early clients included Flight Centre and RSL Lotteries. RSL Lotteries in particular had significant growth in the online space, prompting Mike to have a closer look at the niche lottery market and focus our software to lottery-specific operations.

Then in 2005, an important year for Jumbo, we acquired TMS Global Services Pty Ltd, which brought it’s agreements to sell Oz Lotto and Powerball tickets online. The company name was changed to “Jumbo Interactive Limited”, following the closure of Jumbomall to focus our attention on lotteries. With the new direction, interest, and sales growth, the company created a website, OzLotteries.com, offering Australian lottery tickets online. We focused development on our strengths - AutoPlay, app development, and improving customer experience, to name a few, with outstanding results.

Oz Lotteries continued to grow, and in 2017, Jumbo signed a 5 year deal with Tatts. Continued success saw a new 10 year deal signed in 2020, confirming our significance and presence in the lotteries space. Over the past few years, record lottery jackpots and soaring customer sign-ups increased the monthly active users to Oz Lotteries. We now have well over 2 million players from Australia and abroad!

Jumbo introduced charity lotteries to our Oz Lotteries platform in 2016, with great success. Charity lottery sales increased while customers reacted positively to the new prize products. We built on this success, launching a white-label Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for other lotteries around the world to utilise and grow their lotteries.

Jumbo has continued to innovate and with ongoing efforts in our SaaS Platform, we are working on expanding to new markets, particularly in the US and UK.

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Jumbo has navigated many challenges and is ready for the growth that lies ahead.
Mike Veverka
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director

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