Meet our Product team

Meet the movers and shakers who develop and design our product at Jumbo.

Excited about
Product? Same!

We strive to be empathetic, responsible, and meaningful in all aspects of design. Product has a seat at the table, influencing platform outcomes, and boy, do we get a kick when we see our work go from inception to creation, through to measuring success and iterating.

We take responsibility in talking to our players and using world-class analytics tools to break down customer insights.

“At Jumbo, we are customer obsessed – the product team is passionate about providing the best lottery experience possible. We’re continually in contact with our customers, looking at qualitative and quantitative data to better understand their needs and discover areas to add value and improve.”

– Alex Stone, Principal Product Designer

“Jumbo genuinely supports and invests in all their employees. It’s evident that people come first – from the open and respectful work environment where independent thought is valued, to provisioning staff with market leading tools and learning resources, Jumbo’s hard to beat.”

– Christina Varidel, Product Manager

In Product we trust

It’s fun. It’s experimental. It’s autonomous. Our eight principles drive Jumbo’s product success.

Player success over everything else

We focus on player needs for innovation and growth. If players’ needs are met then we’re all successful.

Opportunities over solutions

We think “problem first” as it helps us stay aligned to the opportunity. This lets us consider multiple solutions. We change the solution, to suit the value of the opportunity.

Bets over features

We treat everything like an experiment. We try to stack the deck to make sure bets pay off, but not at the cost of excessive time and resources. We make tradeoffs to reduce scope, so we can learn faster and succeed quicker.

Data over opinions

Whether it’s customer interviews, surveys, user testing, behavioural analytics or transactional data – we use the tools at our disposal to measure everything we do so we can make more informed decisions.

Outcomes over output

We know delivering is important, but it’s always linked back to the outcome we’re trying to achieve. Delivering the “thing” but not getting the outcome, is a failed bet.

Sequenced growth over isolated wins

We understand that the opportunities that are going to help us 10x our business are going to be longer, riskier bets. We also believe that any bet can have a short-term increment, so when prioritising these opportunities we try to sequence multiple bets together in a way that multiplies the wins.

Finishing over starting

We’re agile enough that we can change, but not so frequently that we don’t follow through. Cutting corners to learn fast is ok, but eventually, we need to clean up, and finishing means meeting our user and technical quality standards.

Context over control

Good, highly technical people want autonomy over their work. We recruit the best talent and make sure they feel empowered to own their work by aligning them to the business context on what we are trying to solve – we point them in the right direction, then get out of their way to let them do their best work.

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