Our approach to environmental sustainability

We are taking practical steps to reduce our impact through our entire business. Reducing carbon emissions is a business imperative.

Recent global weather events have clearly demonstrated the significant impact that the climate is having on our communities, and the sustainability of businesses.

Carbon neutral in 2022

Jumbo is committed to transitioning Jumbo’s Australian operations to a net zero carbon footprint by 30 June 2026 with international operations to follow through:

  • A targeted reduction in our direct consumption of resources
  • Investments in carbon offset projects
  • Carbon baselining and offset initiatives developed with industry groups, and
  • Enhanced procurement processes that take environmental impacts into consideration (both purchasing and real estate decisions)

Beyond carbon neutral

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously. Not only will we become carbon neutral neutral by FY25, we have also committed to becoming carbon positive by the end of FY26.

  • FY22
    AU carbon baseline for FY19
  • FY23
    AU carbon neutral through offset purchase
  • FY23
    AU carbon baseline for FY22
  • FY23
    AU Carbon Active Australia certification
  • FY24
    International carbon baseline for FY23*
  • FY26
    AU net zero carbon footprint
  • FY26
    International carbon neutral through offset purchases*

*For completed international subsidiaries.