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Jumbo is a leading digital retailer of official government and charitable lotteries. We utilise cutting edge technology to develop engaging and entertaining purchase experiences for our customers across a range of digital platforms.








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Oz Lotteries

Founded in 1995 in Brisbane, Australia, Jumbo was an "e-commerce" pioneer developing and launching one of the world's first online shopping malls and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1999.

In 2000 we sold our first lottery ticket and have since transitioned the business to focus exclusively on the sale of official government and charity lotteries via websites and apps that we create and market with our team of 100+ talented staff.

Our flagship service Oz Lotteries is one of Australia's largest digital retailers selling more than AUD$150 million worth of lottery tickets per annum via our website and mobile (including smartwatch) apps.

We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of technology as a means of offering our customers the best possible lottery experiences as evidence by our early adoption of online retailing of lotteries, mobile apps and more recently smartwatch apps of which are enjoyed by our 2 million+ customers.

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Charity Lotteries

The Australian Charity Lottery business involves the sale of a number of charity-based lotteries to the established Oz Lotteries customer base in Australia. The business has expanded to include five charities, and the games have been further integrated into the OzLotteries.com website and App. Early indicators have been pleasing, prompting further expansion plans in the year ahead.

Recently, the Endeavour Foundation was added, and more charities are currently under selection.

These games were selected to best complement the national games such as Oz Lotto and the Australian Powerball, ensuring customers play them “as well as” the national games and not "instead of". The typical prizes are cars and homes which sit below the national lotteries whose prize values can range from $5 million to more than $100 million. In addition to the prize incentive, Charity Lotteries have a strong charity focus which is appealing to customers who have an interest in supporting charities.

How We Operate

Attract Customers

We attract new customers, who want to buy lottery tickets, via online marketing. Customers can buy tickets 24/7, on the go, or at home.

Work with Providers

We work with official lottery providers to secure tickets for our customers. In exchange, we earn a commission on each ticket sold.

Facilitate Transaction

We provide an easy online experience to handle the transaction. We continually improve our websites and mobile apps to meet our customer's needs.

Earn Customer Loyalty

The customer gets a digital ticket for the lottery draw. We earn their loyalty by offering extra services like emailed results, and direct prize payments.

Lottery Partnerships

Do you represent an official government or charity lottery and are interested in discussing how Jumbo can help you grow your sales? If so please contact us, we’re always open to discussing partnerships and new market opportunities.

Proud Members

These associations promote sound and sustainable gaming for public benefit.

Unregulated internet e-retailers sell game entries outside the control of official lottery organisations. This leads to significant loss of government revenue and player protection. The nature of the internet makes it difficult to regulate these vendors, and so they have flourished over the past decade.

Jumbo is an authorised internet lottery e-retailer through our application and attainment of licences from official lottery organisations. After becoming a qualified e-retailer, Jumbo adheres to government regulations to operate and sell lottery products. This free market model encourages competitiveness and delivers better services for customers. Jumbo differentiates its offering through innovative play technology and smart marketing. Lottery organisations enjoy new online representation of their products for changing customers.

Our Leadership team

The Board and Management Team have the skills and ability to deliver Jumbo’s vision of being the leading global lottery e-retailer.

Careers at Jumbo

Our cutting edge digital innovations keep us at the forefront of our industry. We pride ourself on providing a supportive and friendly workplace for our employees.