Our continued investment in digital innovation keep us at the forefront of our industry. We pride ourselves on providing a supportive and friendly workplace for all staff.

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The Perks of Working at Jumbo

Competitive Compensation Packages

Jumbo keeps up to date with market trends to ensure your compensation package is competitive to others in the market.

Catered Meals Daily

The Jumbo Kitchen - a source of energy for all Jumbonians! We provide breakfast, coffee and fruit to get your day started, followed by a delicious lunch to carry you through.

Company Paid Parental Leave

As a family focused business, it is our aim to ensure special family moments are truly cherished. We provide employees paid parental leave to allow both mothers and fathers the opportunity to support and bond with their new addition.

Variable Working Environment

Supporting our employees to achieve a work and life balance is important to us. We know the 9am - 5pm doesn't work for everyone so we have variable hours to support this.

Latest Technology

We understand that having the latest equipment and technology allows you to keep on top of an ever-changing landscape. We provide the right tools to keep everyone innovative and creative!

Employee Wellness

Jumbo take a holistic approach to wellbeing, supporting you in your career and health. We provide wellness reimbursements, meditation and massage.

Social Events

We absolutely love to socialise here at Jumbo. There are plenty of opportunities to mingle with colleagues, whether it be a corporate celebration, Friday drinks, sporting event or a chess tournament.

Learning Path

We recognise the importance of training and developing our employees. Employees are the key to our success as an organisation and we encourage continuous improvement of skills and abilities through on and off-the-job training.

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Jake Thomas Jake Thomas

What its like working at Jumbo...

Working at Jumbo means you'll have to pretend to be excited about home-cooked food. It'll never be as tasty as what's prepared by our in-house chefs.

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Nik Searby Nik Searby

What its like working at Jumbo...

Festive, fabulous and fun! Jumbo is an exciting and innovative company, with collaborative staff and supportive management. Not to mention the sensational meals prepared by our chefs! I couldn’t imagine a more positive company to work for.

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Lauren Duffy Lauren Duffy

What its like working at Jumbo...

I’m surrounded by an exceptionally talented team at Jumbo. Pair that with flexibility and trust, gives us the freedom and creativity to produce amazing work day in, day out.

Our Values

This is what we firmly believe. These are the attributes and values that guide our actions, decisions and behaviours.

Follow Through

We’re all about doing what we say we will. We always deliver on our promises. We build trust and earn respect by owning our actions. We’re dependable and thorough.

Creative Courage

We push ourselves to do new things. We’re innovative, so we quickly identify and act on fresh opportunities and ideas. We’re always positive and future-focused.

Know Our Stuff

We share our passion and knowledge for lotteries. Our expertise and enthusiasm spans all our products and the industry. We take serious pride in what we do.

People Power

We are about empowering our talent. Together, we harness the power of people to achieve great things. We always back each other.

Job Vacancies

Don’t see an available position in your field? We are always on the lookout for new talent! If you are interested in joining Jumbo in the future, please submit your details below.

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Graduate Program

Distributed Workplace at Jumbo

Distributed employees have massive potential to be highly productive and exceptionally engaged. Jumbo provides a flexible work environment where employees are empowered to choose a workplace where they are most comfortable and productive.

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Jumbo's Graduate Program

Jumbo’s Graduate Program is designed to launch your career! During our 12-month program, graduates will develop real-world skills and gain working knowledge within their field of expertise. Our program offers graduates the opportunity to be an important member of our team and will path the way for your future success.

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Graduate Program

About Jumbo

Jumbo is a leading digital retailer of both national jackpot lotteries and charity lotteries. We utilise the latest technology to craft an engaging and entertaining purchase experience for our customers across a range of digital platforms.