Providing electronic signage, GPS and Near Field Communications to traditional retail outlets.

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The future of Lottery retail is online, and in stores.

Jumbo brings lottery technology to retailers with the introduction of Smart Signs.

Traditional lottery retailers now have the technology to participate in internet lottery sales without losing commissions or customers.

Jumbo SmartSigns allows customers that see a lottery sign to instantly “snap, tap or check-in” to buy tickets instantly using their smartphone. ‘Snap’ refers to the familiar QR code (Quick Response Code); ‘Tap’ refers to NFC (Near Field Communications); or ‘Check-in’ via GPS to verify location.

Customers are given the convenience of purchasing their ticket direct from their smartphone and the retailer that owns the sign location is credited with the sale and commission. Bonuses and incentives can also be offered as a way of driving customers back into the retailer’s store.

Jumbo Smart Signs have been devised with the retailer in mind, specifically:

  • Ensuring retailers share in benefits of eTailing channels as they open up in various jurisdictions
  • Increase foot traffic into their stores
  • Use the lottery in new ways to grow their associated retail business
  • Increase lottery sales

How they work

The end-to-end lifecycle of a Jumbo Smart Signs transaction is as follows:

A retailer will create an offer to assign to a particular piece of existing or new in-store signage. Offers can include:

Express Buy

Allow customers to buy tickets in store from their mobile device without the need for them to wait in line or tie up clerks (increase customer throughput with less staff!)

Results Check

Allows customers to check results for a specific game or draw.


Allow customers to redeem in store offers for attending the store and undertaking predefined actions (e.g. buy a can of soda and a lottery ticket, and get a free bag of crisps).

The retailer than prints and publishes a unique code from the Jumbo Smart Sign Admin, which is then affixed to the defined piece of signage.

Codes can be printed as “QR Codes”, attached as “NFC Chips” or virtually integrated as GPS “Check In”.

Customers enter the retailer’s premises and action the Smart Sign by one of the following methods with their mobile device:


Scan the QR code.

Check In

Touch the sign with their device.


Be logged as present at the location, as defined by their device’s GPS location settings (can be done automatically or manually).

Customer is then routed to the appropriate offer’s details via a mobile website.