The Jumbo internet sales platform is a turnkey system for facilitating and managing internet lottery sales.

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In operation for over ten years, the platform has been developed from the ground up to cover all aspects of digital sales including:

  • Customer registration and management
  • Ticket sales and lodgement
  • Customer identity registration
  • Customer winnings communications (email, app “push”)
  • Responsible gaming monitoring and enforcement
  • Fraud checking and AML compliance
  • Geo-location verification and enforcement
  • Customer banking and payments (credit cards, PayPal etc)
  • Advanced CRM tools
  • Loyalty program (Lotto Points)
  • Second chance draws
  • Seamless integration with all of Jumbo’s other products
  • Administration management and accounting
  • Peak load distribution logic

Jumbo websites process tens of millions of
ticket transactions every year.

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Australian lottery tickets can be purchased on Jumbo’s flagship website,