A smart lottery solution that grows with your business.

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Unlock your lottery’s potential with zero upfront costs.

Manage your draws, customers, and retail channels inside our purpose-built platform. Take it to the next level with our features:

A complete, scalable and powerful platform.


Lottery management can be costly. We’re here to help.

Manual processes and outdated tools require you to spend time and resources on basic lottery management tasks, rather than activities which drive growth. We’ve invested years and millions into building our own solution to power our multi-million dollar lottery retailer, Oz Lotteries.

Now that technology is yours.

Don’t get left behind in a rapidly evolving industry.

We future-proof your operations by handling all platform maintenance and improvements with no ongoing fees. By removing the need for manual processes with our powerful user interface, you can spend more time and resources on achieving your marketing and business goals.

Our platform grows with you.

Lottery is a digital game.

Take your sales and marketing activity to the next level using your customer data. Our data integration solution connects to your preferred marketing tool to enable omnichannel messaging. Unlock multiple digital sales channels and empower your physical retail with real-time ticketing and flexible payment options.

We make sure you’re ready to play.

Don't let your growth be restricted by the tools you use.