Jumbo Announces Strong October/November Turnover

Dec 6, 2001

Document date: Thu 06 Dec 2001 Published: Thu 06 Dec 2001 13:39:41 Document No: 144099 Document part: A Market Flag: Y Classification: Periodic Reports - Other   JUMBO CORPORATION LIMITED                                    2001-12-06          ASX-SIGNAL-G HOMEX - Brisbane +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Secure Internet payments company Jumbo Corporation Ltd today announced strong turnover results for October and November 2001, with turnover reaching $564,000 in the month of November and the number of transactions reaching 6,422. Jumbo earns a percentage of the turnover for supplying the secure payments technology to merchants around the world. The strong turnover is expected to continue into December. The following table compares the result with previous months. NOV 00        AUG 01        SEP 01       OCT 01       NOV 01 Turnover:                                          $77,100     $323,000      $419,000     $460,000   $564,000 Number of Transactions:                   1,544            4,032            3,748         5,893         6,422 The increase in turnover is a result of a number of successful Christmas promotions and an increasing number of merchants using the Jumbo payments system. "Our Christmas promotions are working well and our merchants are recording healthy sales levels", said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Corp. "Our own sites that sell computer software and hardware are also making strong sales and the pace is continuing into December".   630% INCREASE OVER 1 YEAR AGO The $564,000 turnover for November 2001 represents a 630% increase over November 2000 when a turnover of $77,100 was reported for that Christmas period. The number of transactions has also increased significantly from 1,544 in November 2000 to 6,422 in November 2001. This highlights the growth in the company over the last 12 months as the company accelerated the commercialization of its payments technology. "This is clear evidence that merchants are adopting the Jumbo payments system and consumers are becoming more comfortable with online shopping", said Mr Veverka.   PERCENTAGE OF TURNOVER EARNINGS Turnover is an important indicator for the company because it represents the total amount processed by the Jumbo payments system for merchants around the world. Jumbo Corp earns fees and a percentage of the turnover by supplying the Jumbopay secure Internet payments services. The percentage varies between 8% and 15% depending on the merchant, but can also be as high as 35%. Promotions are organised in the Jumbomall.com web site to increase the sales made by merchants and thus increase the revenue to Jumbo Corp. Jumbo Corp also participates in the sale of online goods, but only if a strong advantage exists on the web. An example of this is computer software which can be downloaded immediately after purchase, often at a better price then in a box from a retail store. Another example is the sale of computer hardware to an Australia-wide customer base that prefers to make their purchases online.   COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE SALES On the 9th October 2001, Jumbo announced that it has entered into an agreement with OzEmail to sell software online. Since that time, 2 software titles - "Terminet Personal Security" and "PC-cillin Antivirus" have been released for sale from the Jumbo-owned "Rocketfuel.com" web site (www.rocketfuel.com). Further promotions have been carried out to customers of 2 other Internet Service Providers, "Country Net Link" and "Squirrel/Oznetcom". Wholesale computer hardware is also being sold through the Jumbo-owned "dealerdan.com.au" website. All these activities are progressing well and are reporting record sales.   For more information, please contact: Mr Mike Veverka CEO Jumbo Corporation Ltd Ph: (07) 3831 3705

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