Jumbomall Strategic Alliance with Key US Based Companies

Sep 20, 1999

Document date: Mon 20 Sep 1999 Published: Mon 20 Sep 1999 00:00:00 Document No: 123035 Document part: A Market Flag: Y Classification: HOMEX - Adelaide +++++++++++++++++++++++++   The Directors of Jumbomall.com Corporation Limited are pleased to announce a number of key strategic alliances with United States based companies which will facilitate the growth of the Jumbomall e-commerce services in North America. As previously announced the Jumbomall currently has over 2,500 stores from over 50 countries, with more than 40% of this activity coming from the United States alone. These alliances will enhance the growth of the company's activities in North America. The key strategic alliances are with: * Above.net, a leading bandwidth and internet connection supplier * Net.ship, a leading warehousing and shipping company * Authorize.net, a leading payment authorisation service for online businesses   Above.net (NASDAQ:ABOV) is a leading supply of bandwidth and hosting services supplying the Jumbomall with high quality and multiple redundant links to the internet. This service provides faster connection for US based shoppers and merchants. Net.ship providing important fulfilment services to online businesses which include warehousing, shipping and tracking services. Net.ship has over 450 distribution centres around the US and assists online business in the physical distribution of their products. Authorize.net is the worlds leading payment authorisation service for online businesses. The service is integrated into the Jumbomall e-commerce service for instant credit card clearing and payments. The directors believe that these key alliances will assist the Jumbomall in continuing to provide a full range of services to US based businesses.   D Merson CHAIRMAN   http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/showSignalgDetail.do?issuerId=4110&announcementId=300779 16/05/2007 3:22:14 PM

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