Jumbo Corporation - Status Report - Extension to Lodge Accounts

Oct 19, 2000

Document date: Thu 19 Oct 2000
Published: Thu 19 Oct 2000 13:27:58
Document No: 137196
Document part: A
Market Flag: N
Classification: Other  

JUMBO CORPORATION LIMITED                     2000-10-19             ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Brisbane

We refer to the Company's letter to the ASX dated September 26, 2000 advising that an extension of time in which to lodge audited accounts had been granted by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. The extended date in which to lodge the accounts was 15 October 2000.

Please be advised that the Company was unable to meet that extended date and now expects to lodge the audited Annual Report on Wednesday 25 October 2000.

Please also be advised that the financial statements to be lodged next Wednesday will not be materially different from the financial statements included in the Appendix 4B lodged with ASX on 13 September 2000.

Currently, the company is in a stable position with adequate cash in the back and sufficient controls on costs to enable directors to grow the existing business and look for opportunities to benefit shareholders.  


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