Jumbomall Shares on Munich & Stuttgart Stock Exchanges & Asian Business Expansion

Feb 16, 2000

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JUMBOMALL.COM CORPORATION LIMITED                        2000-02-16                ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Adelaide

Baader Wertpapierhandelsbank AG will start dealing in Jumbomall.com shares on the third section of the Munich and Stuttgart stock exchanges. Baader is the largest market maker for foreign stocks in Germany, making a market in over 2,600 stocks from more than 52 countries, ranging from Coca-Cola to Singapore Airlines.

Jumbomall.com shares will be traded in the third section of the market under the headline 'Freiverkehr' (third section of the market).

"The great advantage to be listed on the 'Freiverkehr' is to broaden trading in the shares of Jumbomall.com for German investors beyond the Berlin exchange," said Mr Veverka.

The daily prices are always fixed in Euro, and as with the Berlin exchange where Jumbomall is already traded, the code is JUB.

The website addresses for the Munich and Stuttgart Stock Exchanges is
https://www.boerse-muenchen.de/ and
https://www.boerse-stuttgart.de/ respectively.

As at 15/02/2000, Deutsche Borse Clearing AG (the clearing account for shares traded through the Berlin exchange and beneficially held by German Investors) recorded 12,212,875 fully paid ordinary shares, 20.05% of the ordinary Jumbomall.Com shares presently listed on the ASX.  

DECEMBER STATISTICS During the month of December 1999, Jumbomall.com recorded a total of 2,420,823 hits, from 79,451 different terminals.

"The statistical breakdown indicates that the US expectantly ranked number 1, comprising 26.48% of total hits.  


Jumbomall.com is actively pursuing the global expansion of the Jumbomall in conjunction with foreign companies who have local knowledge and market presence.

"We are targeting companies that are well placed within their respective markets and countries. By pursuing these relationships, Jumbomall.com will be able to leverage the partner companies business knowledge, and their understanding of their local e-commerce marketplaces," said Mr Veverka.

Jumbomall.com is now searching for a new Singapore partner to replace Fortrust (Guan Bee). Negotiations with Guan Bee have now ceased.

Jumbomall will be attending the CeBIT trade show later this month in Germany. CeBIT highlights all the latest trends in IT and telecommunications, and offers the world's most comprehensive line-up of products and an International market overview.

Mr Veverka is currently in Europe seeking out agreements with companies based in London, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.  

D Harland

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