Shareholder Share Purchase Plan (SSPP)

Jan 24, 2006

24 January 2006

  Company Announcement Platform Australian Stock Exchange Limited   VIA: Electronic Lodgement  


  The directors of Jumbo Corporation Limited wish to announce that its Shareholder Share Purchase Plan closed 5pm (EST) Friday 20 January 2006 as indicated in the Company’s announcement dated 23 November 2005.   The Shareholder response was very strong with 657 Shareholders lodging applications for 47,067,036 shares ($2,824,000). The Company wishes to thank all Shareholders for their support.   The Company is now well funded with more than $7 million cash at bank which will enable it to progress new projects in the online lotteries and betting exchange areas. As previously announced the Company is continuing to review various acquisition opportunities in the online gaming sector and has applied for certain licences which will help the Company expand its business.   The Company's online lottery business operates primarily through the popular website where customers can purchase games such as Saturday Lotto, OzLotto, Powerball and Daily Keno. Efforts have been made to expand this site and to attract new customers primarily from overseas locations. Jumbo promotes the Betexware Betting Exchange Software Application ( and has submitted applications for its own betting exchange licence in Australia and overseas.   The company hopes to be in a position to make a more detailed announcement in the coming weeks.     Yours faithfully M Veverka CEO

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