Shareholder Share Purchase Plan Offer

Nov 10, 2005

10 November 2005   Company Announcements Platform Australian Stock Exchange Limited 20 Bridge Street Sydney NSW 2000  


The Directors of Jumbo Corporation Limited (“Company”) wish to announce an offering to shareholders, who are registered at the close of business on 18 November 2005 (“record date”) the opportunity to purchase up to 83,334 fully paid ordinary shares in the Company ($5000 worth) at an issue price of $0.06 per share. The shares are being offered under the Company’s Shareholder Share Purchase Plan (“SSPP”). The subscription price of each share of $0.06 represents a discount of 10% of the weighted average price of Company shares traded on the ASX during the 5 days immediately prior to the date of this announcement. It also represents a discount of 12% to the closing price of shares ($0.068) on 9 November 2005. The offer will be available to all Company shareholders with a registered address in Australia and New Zealand. A written offer document containing all relevant information will be mailed to eligible shareholders no later than 5 business days after the record date (18 November 2005). A maximum of 48 million shares is being offered under the SSPP, and in the event of over subscription, all applications will be scaled back on a pro-rata basis. The Directors of the Company reserve the right to place part or all of any shortfall of shares not taken up by eligible shareholders under this offer.   The proposed timetable for the offer of shares under this SSPP is as follows: * ASX Announcement of SSPP                                           10 November 2005 * Record date for determining entitlements                        18 November 2005 * Closing Date for application for shares                             20 January 2006 * Date of allotment and despatch of holder statements      30 January 2006   Yours faithfully Garry Clark Company Secretary

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