Jumbo Corporation Sale Non-Marketable Parcels of Less Than 5000 Shares

Jan 31, 2002

Document date: Thu 31 Jan 2002
Published: Mon 04 Feb 2002 17:30:48
Document No: 145028
Document part: A
Market Flag: N
Classification: Issued Capital - Other  

JUMBO CORPORATION LIMITED                       2002-01-31   ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Brisbane

The directors of Jumbo Corporation Limited wish to advise that the acceptance period for notices of rejection of the Company's compulsory disposal of shareholdings has expired.

The relevant statistics in relation to the compulsory disposal are as follows:

Shareholders receiving the documentation 4,388 2,074,238
less notices of rejection received (340) (618,423)
Shareholders affected by the final disposal 4,048 1,455,815

The directors will now proceed to procure the sale of the above 1,455,815 shares on-market.

Following that disposal the proceeds (to be held in a special purpose banking account) will be remitted to the relevant shareholders. Unclaimed proceeds will be held in trust for the requisite period and will then be paid to the appropriate government department.

The sale of the small parcels will result in the Company's register of members decreasing from approximately 5,950 shareholders to some 1,900 shareholders. Directors believe that this decrease in shareholder numbers will result in significant savings in shareholder related costs, including share registry, printing and mailing costs.  

For further information please contact Mike Veverka, CEO, on 07 3831 3705.  

M Veverka

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