Results of General Meeting - August 2007

Aug 23, 2007

23 AUGUST 2007

At the General Meeting of Jumbo Corporation Limited held today, the following resolution was passed by show of hands:

‘That, for the purpose of Listing Rule 7.1 and for all other purposes, the members of the Company approve the issue by the Company to the Seller (or its nominee(s)) of the Consideration Securities, comprising 80,000,000 Shares at an issue price of $0.0325per Share, on completion of the acquisition by the Company of the Business pursuant to the Manaccom Agreement entered into between the Company as Buyer, Manaccom Pty Ltd as Seller and Ian Innes Mackay as Covenantor, the principal terms and conditions of which are summarized in the Explanatory Memorandum.’   In accordance with Section 251AA of the Corporations Act, proxy votes received for the above resolution were as follows:  

For 89,954,259
Against 51,334
Abstain 51,334
Proxy’s discretion


Total 90,297,651

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