Results of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Jun 27, 2003

27 June 2003   Company Announcements Australian Stock Exchange Limited Level 5, Riverside Centre 123 Eagle Street Brisbane  QLD  4000   Subject: Results of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders   Dear Sirs,   This letter confirms that the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of Jumbo Corporation Limited was held today in accordance with the Notice of Meeting.   Each of the items of business on the Notice of Meeting was passed at the Meeting by the requisite majority and on a show of hands. No poll was taken on any item of business.   Proxies received by the Company were declared to the Meeting as follows:   .                                                                  FOR                        AGAINST                  OPEN                  ABSTAIN Resolution No. 1                                      15,060,811                 375,487                   3,116,695               Nil (purchase of 20% of Jumbomall business not already owned)   Resolution No. 2 (to ratify private placement)                      64,716,333               3,518,537                3,116,695                Nil   Resolution No. 3                                       64,819,333               3,415,537                3,116,695                Nil (to give authority to issue convertible notes)   Yours faithfully Jumbo Corporation Limited     Mike Veverka CEO Jumbo Corporation

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