Jumbomall Results of Annual General Meeting - November 1999

Nov 30, 1999

Document date: Tue 30 Nov 1999
Published: Tue 30 Nov 1999 00:00:00
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HOMEX - Adelaide

The Jumbomall Corporation Annual General Meeting concluded today at 11:30am. All motions were unanimously passed including the following:

1. David Merson was re-elected Non-Executive Chairman;
2. Brian Jones was re-elected as Non-Executive Director;
3. Confirmation of appointment of Mike Veverka as Managing Director;
4. Approval was obtained for Vesteon Pty Ltd to exercise the options that had been granted to it with the approval of shareholders on 12/08/1999. The meeting noted that there was no indication from Vesteon Pty Ltd that it intended to exercise any of the options at any particular time. The meeting also noted that the purpose of the approval was to avoid any doubt about the ability of Vesteon Pty Ltd to exercise its options should it wish to do so;
5. Approval was obtained to enter into deeds of insurance, access and indemnity in favour of each of the Directors and the Company Secretary of Jumbomall;
6. Approval was obtained for the appointment of new auditors, Ernst & Young;
7. Approval was obtained to adopt an Employee Share Option Plan.

It was noted in the Managing Director's address that since the attendance at Comdex 1999 in Las Vegas on 15/11/1999, Jumbomall has recorded an increase of 14% of the number of merchants participating in the Jumbomall, increasing the number of stores from 2663 to 3036.

D Harland

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