RE: Unsolicited Letter to Jumbo Corporation Limited Shareholders

Apr 13, 2004

13 April 2004     Dear Shareholder,   RE: Unsolicited Letter to Jumbo Corporation Limited Shareholders   It has recently come to the notice of the Directors of Jumbo Corporation Limited (Jumbo) that a number of shareholders have received an unsolicited letter dated 30 March 2004, inviting them to sell their holdings in Jumbo.   The Directors wish to advise shareholders that, despite any inferences that may be drawn from the letter, it is in no way sanctioned by Jumbo. Shareholders are advised to seek their own independent advice regarding the offer made in the letter.   The letter of 30 March 2004 offers to purchase Jumbo shares at a price of 1.2 cents per share which is significantly below the Company’s current price of 2.3 cents per share. Furthermore, the share price has not closed below 2.2c for the last 30 days.   Half Year Results – Record Profit   As recently announced on February 24, Jumbo has continued its strong growth with the company achieving: • 3 consecutive half year periods of increasing profits, and • 8 consecutive half year periods of increasing revenues.   The company has also strengthened its financial position by: • Increasing Cash at Bank to $1,415,000 at 31 December, 2003. • Increasing Net Assets to $1,309,000 at 31 December 2003 compared to $50,000 one year earlier. • Increasing Net Tangible Assets to $994,000 at 31 December 2003 compared to $38,000 one year earlier.   “Online e-commerce has continued to grow over the past 3 years”, said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo. “This has placed a demand on Jumbo’s products and skills which is beginning to show in our financial results”.   Successful Investment in Global Approach Limited   In addition to the growth in the core business, the company has further accelerated its growth through a strategic investment in Global Approach Limited (ASX:GLO). Based on GLO’s April 8 closing share price of 13.0c, Jumbo’s investment is worth over $1.3 million, an increase in over $600,000 from its original investment.   Attached are copies of the most recent Company announcements. Please take some time to read these announcements as they give details of the Company’s growing activities and future prospects.   Yours faithfully, Jumbo Corporation Limited   Alan Phillips Chairman

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