Re: Sale of Non Marketable Parcels

Feb 10, 2005

10 February 2005   The Manager Company Announcements Platform Australian Stock Exchange Limited 20 Bond Street Sydney NSW 2000     Dear Sir,   Re: Sale of Non Marketable Parcels   The Directors of Jumbomall Corporation Limited (“the Company”) wish to advise that the Company has completed the sale of shares which were the subject of the compulsory sale of non marketable parcels.   A total of 1,159,276 shares were sold on market between 28 January and 4 February realising gross proceeds of $24,345.   The proceeds have been deposited in a special purpose banking account in trust for the beneficial owners and cheques will be sent to former shareholders, except for those whose mail has been returned as being unable to be delivered, address unknown. In due course these retained funds, unless subsequently claimed, will be remitted to the appropriate authorities as unclaimed monies.   For any further information please contact the Company Secretary, Garry Clark, on (07) 3230 6000.   Yours faithfully Garry Clark Company Secretary

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