Public Gaming International Magazine article

Nov 21, 2013

Protecting our Industry and our Brands from Unauthorized Lottery Operators

by Jumbo Interactive President, North America, Brian J. Roberts                  

Most people would agree that technology has made the world a lot smaller place. That would be especially true as it applied to communication, which has been transformed by the internet and mobile technology. New age communication technologies have given the individual instantaneous access within the global community. It has also given the internet-based merchants access to a global community of consumers. While this incredible level of connectivity has many benefits, it also provides a platform for internet merchants to domicile in a jurisdiction where their activities may not be illegal, and vend the products into jurisdictions where the activities are illegal. Jumbo is focussed on providing security and integrity of player's personal data, e-wallet and wagers, while maintaining transparency and honesty with our lottery partners.