Notice re: Sale of Non-Marketable Parcels of Shares

Nov 27, 2001

Document date: Tue 27 Nov 2001 Published: Tue 27 Nov 2001 18:17:59 Document No: 143928 Document part: A Market Flag: N Classification: Issued Capital - Other JUMBO CORPORATION LIMITED 2001-11-27 ASX-SIGNAL-G HOMEX - Brisbane +++++++++++++++++++++++++ The directors of Jumbo Corporation Limited announce that the Company will proceed to procure the sale of shareholdings in the Company which are less than 5,000 shares (ie 4,999 or less). The directors have resolved that the sale will only apply to shareholdings of 4,999 or less and not to the number arising from a strict application of the non-marketable parcel rules, which would involve shareholdings of approximately 23,000 shares. The record date for application of this matter is 3 December 2001 and all shareholders holding 4,999 shares or less on that date will be affected. It is expected that documentation in respect to this matter will be dispatched to shareholders on 7 December 2001. Copies will be lodged with ASX on that date. Shareholders will have the right to reject the sale of their shareholdings and instead to remain as shareholders in the Company. A Notice of Rejection will be included in the documentation to be mailed to shareholders. Shareholders will be given a period of 7 weeks in which to advise the Company not to sell their shares. For further information please contact Mike Veverka, chief executive officer on 07-3831-3705. M Veverka CEO 16/05/2007 2:38:07 PM

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