Manaccom to Supply BIG W Retail Stores Nationwide

Mar 11, 2008

ASX RELEASE – Tuesday, 11th March 2008

Directors of Manaccom Corporation Limited (ASX:MNL) are pleased to announce that the software publishing subsidiary – Manaccom Pty Ltd – will begin supplying a selection of software titles through 148 Big W retail stores nationwide.

The attached announcement announcement provides further details.   For further Information: Mike Veverka CEO, Manaccom Corporation Limited (07) 3331 5999



Press Release

11 March 2008 Manaccom to Supply Big W Retail Stores Nationwide Manaccom, Australia’s favourite software publisher today announced that it will now supply a selection of popular software titles through Big W retail stores nationwide. The new collaboration between Manaccom and Big W will ensure that popular software titles including Trend Micro, Net Nanny and iPod Studio will now be available throughout Big W’s 148 stores Australia wide. The arrangement will continue to establish Manaccom as a software supplier of choice for retailers throughout Australia and ensure the continued growth and success of Manaccom products within the national retail sector. According to Manaccom CEO James Mackay Big W offers a unique opportunity for reach and distribution while providing a wider consumer base for Manaccom products. “We recognise that Big W represents a fantastic opportunity for continued growth within the retail sector” Mr. Mackay said. “We look forward to developing our relationship with the nationwide chain. We are confident that this will be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial business venture” he said. Among other Manaccom titles, Big W will now supply a selection of top selling Trend Micro and Net Nanny software, providing greater access to Internet control and monitoring capabilities for a wider range of internet users. Mackay said the selection of Manaccom software titles would enhance existing Big W software product lines and provide consumers with greater choice across a broader application range. “We like the successful retail model offered by Big W and believe that it is a positive step for our continued growth” Mr. Mackay said. “We believe that Trend Micro Internet Security and Net Nanny product lines, along with the Studio for iPod range will increase the software offering and present consumers with greater choice” he said.

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