Manaccom Reactivates Share Buy-Back

Feb 23, 2008


On 30 April 2007 Manaccom Corporation Limited (then Jumbo Corporation Limited) advised the market of the intention to buy-back on-market up to 37 million (almost 10%) of its then issued share capital.

A total of 2 million shares were bought back during May and June 2007. Since that time, amongst many other things, the Company has undergone a share consolidation. As a consequence of this, and the (adjusted) number of shares already acquired, the Company can now buy back a further up to 3.5 million shares on a post- consolidation basis. In light of current market conditions, the Board of Manaccom has concluded that it is appropriate to reactivate the buy-back as they consider investment in the Company’s own shares represents a better business opportunity than any alternative available at this time. The Company proposes to commence buying back further shares from today.   Bill Lyne Company Secretary Mobile 0418 874 175 Email:

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