Lottery Business Not Materially Affected by US Legislation

Oct 3, 2006

ASX RELEASE – Tuesday 3rd October 2006

In response to shareholder questions, directors would like to clarify that the Jumbo lottery business is not materially affected by the recent proposed US legislation affecting many online gaming companies. The following points are relevant to the issue:

1. US customers represent only 1.2% of total revenue (98.8% is non-US). 2. The international lottery growth strategy has been specifically designed to target non-US markets. “Jumbo is quite different from many online gaming companies and its lottery division is not materially affected by the recent US legislation”, said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Corporation Limited. “The Jumbo lottery division is an authorised reseller of licensed Australian lottery products through agreements with Tattersall’s and NSW Lotteries Corporation”, he said. “The international growth plans do not rely on US customers for growth and are specifically targetting non-US markets”, he added.   US LEGISLATION On 30 September 2006, the United States Congress passed The Safe Port Act which contained provisions known as the ‘Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006’ that may affect the processing of payments between US customers and online gaming companies. The Act specifically exempts state lotteries as well as horse racing and fantasy sports.   SHAREHOLDING IN GLO Jumbo is a 5% shareholder in Global Approach Limited (ASX:GLO). GLO is an operator of online casinos and poker rooms with a large international customer database, including US customers. Jumbo is seeking clarification from GLO to the extent that their business is affected by the US legislation.   ABOUT JUMBO Jumbo Corporation Limited is a successful online retailer and e-commerce provider. Profitable for the last 4 years, the company has accumulated significant online retailing experience with products such as lotteries, pharmacy goods, software, fragrances and cosmetics. The company has recently restructured and refocused its efforts towards lotteries. The lottery division retails popular lotteries such as Saturday Lotto, Powerball and OzLotto via its website at The lottery division also supports a private network of lottery outlets in various Pacific Islands including Fiji, Cook Islands and Norfolk Island. This network was established in the 1990's and allows traditional retailers to sell Australian lottery products.   For further information, please contact: Mike Veverka Chief Executive Officer Jumbo Corporation (07) 3831 3705

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