Jumbomall Year 2000 Advice

Sep 30, 1999

Document date: Thu 30 Sep 1999
Published: Mon 04 Oct 1999 00:00:00
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Has your company's assessment of its overall potential exposure to the year 2000 problem changed materially from what the market has previously been told? If it has your response should describe the change.

YES. Since our last report the company has restructured its operations, the core of which has been to now operate in the area of Internet and c-commerce services.

"Has your company initiated any material action to address the year 2000 problem beyond actions previously disclosed to the market, or does it propose to initiate any such action? If it has, your response should describe the action."

YES. The Company has implemented procedures to insure that all of its systems are Y2K ready. For example, motherboards have on-board system clocks that must be able to accurately handle the date change. Likewise, operating systems and application software must handle the change properly. Jumbomall.com maintains a technical staff capable of addressing technical problems generally and specifically in relation to Y2K readiness. Mr Xavier Bergade - Chief Technology Officer is the company appointed person responsible for the oversight of this function.

On the 27th of June 1999, the Jumbomall network was disconnected from the outside world, and we then tested our e-commerce system by setting the clock to several key dates, which are typically used for Y2K testing: (9 September 1999, 31 December 1999, 1st January 1999, 29 April 1999). Some other random post 2000 dates were tested as well. For each of those dates, we did a complete test on all the functions of the Jumbomall, such as placing an order, testing our accounting system, searching for products, and other various services offered by the site. Based on those tests, Jumbomall.com, to the best of its belief and knowledge, believes that all its hardware and software components are Y2K ready, and will make every reasonable effort to resolve any compliance issues that may arise.

Our past experience suggests that if any problems do occur, whether because of a "Y2K" problem or for any other reason, they will be dealt with promptly and a minimum of inconvenience to our Customers. The Company has every confidence that the services that we provide will be as reliable after 31 December 1999 as they are today. This confidence comes, as the result of a review of all of our software and hardware as well as the software and hardware and procedures of our vendors.

The focus of Jumbomall's activities continues to be the systems and services that support it's critical services and we expect to be fully satisfied, as to vendors Y2K Readiness, by the end of November 1999.  


Year 2000 advice

Document date: Thu 30 Sep 1999
Published: Mon 04 Oct 1999 00:00:00
Document No: 123206
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The prime focus of Jumbomall's Year 2000 activities remains on the information technology (IT) systems (and their associated support products and services) that deliver its critical business services.

The ability of Jumbomall to deliver these activities to its customers is dependent, in part, on the availability of correctly functioning services, provided by other organisation, (eg Electricity utilities, Telecommunications Service Providers and Building Management Service Providers). Given the restructure of the Jumbomall business in September this year, this disclosure includes a summary of our Year 2000 status in each of the following areas.

* Jumbomall Operations

* External dependencies

* ASX Year 2000 business continuity Planning; and

* Estimated year 2000-related costs.

Definition of Year 2000 Readiness Used by Jumbomall.com Corporation Limited.

Unfortunately, there is not one single definition of the term 'year 2000 compliant'. Consequently, Jumbomall.Com has decided to use the term "Year 2000 ready" to avoid misunderstanding.

If Jumbomall.Com states that a Jumbomall.Com system or service is year 2000 ready, it means the following:

"The system or service has undergone an internal review process. In addition, as a minimum, each critical Jumbomall.Com application has been tested using an appropriate set of representation dates. On the basis of this review, and any associated test results, Jumbomall.Com assesses that the risk of material failure of the system or service as a result of a date processing problem is not significant." Jumbomall.Com does not believe that it is practical to adopt an approach of testing every possible date and therefore cannot guarantee its systems' operations. Rather, Jumbomall.Com uses appropriate sets of representative dates to test its critical systems. It is the successful completion of these tests that enables Jumbomall.Com to determine that the risk of failure of its system is not significant.  


Jumbomall made a recent audit (June 1999) of its computer software: and associated systems, Because of recent system upgrades, the Company does not anticipate that any significant additional modification or replacement of software or hardware will be necessary for its computer systems to properly utilise dates beyond December 31, 1999. Even though it is impossible to test every combination of operating system and/or application condition, Jumbomall.com has made every reasonable effort to assure compliance of constituent components.

Project documentation is presently being articulated so as to ensure that all areas that could be potentially effected by the Y2K issues are included. It is on this basis that Jumbomall.Com will identify each item as either System Infrastructure, or Non It Systems. Within each of these groups, Jumbomall.Com will identify those items that have been high priority and those that are low priority.  


Year 2000 advice

Document date: Thu 30 Sep 1999
Published: Mon 04 Oct 1999 00:00:00
Document No: 123206
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HOMEX - Adelaide

External Dependencies

The Company has been in contact with its major suppliers or service providers, that could have a significant impact on the Jumbomall Business, and all of them issued Y2K statements.

Hardware compliance was verified using the following methods:

1. Intel-based motherboards - A utility provided by RighTime is used to check clock rollover and identification of the year 2000 as a leap year

2. Motherboards with no automated Y2K compliance testing utility available - Clock rollover and identification of leap year are confirmed by hand.

Operating-system software compliance is only verified by the review of statements made by our software vendors. Before using a system we verify that all currently released Y2K patches are installed. Windows 95, Windows NT, and all versions of UNIX claim to be Y2K compliant. However, as implied by the fact that patches continue to be released, some compliance problems could still exist, but we apply those patches as soon as our vendors release them.

Typically, application software contains the highest probability of non-compliance. If the application developers did net design the software to handle the date changes correctly, it is possible the application will fail at the change of the millennium.

At Jumbomall.com, our services are using a combination of open source software and in-house developed applications. All our open source software is regularly patched with the latest Y2K compliant versions. We use a few commercial applications, and we have also reviewed the available Y2K-compliance statements of all those applications currently used. Please note that no commercial software is used on any of the Jumbomall servers. The Information section below provides links to any Y2K information available for these products, including current compliance status.  




Open Source
Gnu Utilities


Estimated Year 2000 Costs

No work has been completed to analyse the costs of preparing for the year 2000. Given the recent nature of our change in business operations and as this work is managed and completed internally, this is not considered to be significantly material although the actual cost will be calculated from internal records prior to 30 June 2000.

Question 4

"Are there areas of your company's activities where, in your company's assessment, material Year 2000 risks will remain after the company's activities to address the year 2000 problem are completed? Examples might include dependencies on third parties such ASD utilities. If there will be remaining risks, your response should describe them."

Any material risk will lay with suppliers of services that are common to the broader economy as a whole and that we are unable to reliably determine or directly control the risks of Year 2000. Those may include utilities, and the Internet itself.  

Legal Issues

Jumbomall has recently undertaken a due diligence process as part of the corporate restructure. As a result this due diligence, Jumbomall will be appointing its company Lawyers to review customer contracts.  

Question 5

Please describe your company's contingency plans in relation to year 2000 issues.

We are presently reviewing our position on this, matter in line with:

1. Alternative options for critical operational components

2. Preparatory tasks prior to year 2000.

3. Transition Weekend  

Jumbomall's Y2K statement is available at

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