Jumbomall.com Announces Plans for Nasdaq Listing

Nov 30, 1999

Document date: Tue 30 Nov 1999 Published: Tue 30 Nov 1999 00:00:00 Document No: 123900 Document part: A Market Flag: N Classification:   HOMEX - Adelaide +++++++++++++++++++++++++   Australian owned, Jumbomall.com Corporation Limited (Jumbomall), has engaged Ernst & Young to provide advice and assistance for a potential listing on NASDAQ. Given the complexities of the US securities market, it is not expected that it NASDAQ listing would occur before the third quarter calendar 2000. The move to focus on the large US equity market is designed to increase shareholder wealth and increased partnership potential in the United States. On a recent trip to the USA, Managing Director Mr Veverka said the sentiment was still very strong for E-commerce companies. "The NASDAQ market continues to support and encourage innovative companies in their endeavours to redefine the way commerce will be conducted in the 21st" century", he said. "The market treats the Information revolution not as a temporary fad, but as a fully blown revolution that is here to stay". Mr Veverka said Jumbomall had decided to open an office in San Jose, California, to provide the necessary sales and marketing support to maintain Jumbomall's status as one of the first and major online shopping malls in the world. Jumbomall facilitates the process of buying and selling by providing an integrated service that includes security, banking and delivery solutions for online business. Jumbomall.com listed on the ASX (code JUM) on 15 September 1999, and on The Berlin Stock Exchange on 14 October 1999 (code JUB).   D Harland COMPANY SECRETARY   http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/showSignalgDetail.do?issuerId=4110&announcementId=314918 16/05/2007 3:09:44 PM

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