Jumbo Provides Software Solution to MSBlaster Computer Virus Outbreak

Aug 14, 2003

ASX Release - 14 August 2003

Jumbo Corporation Ltd (Jumbo) today launched new virus protection services to help combat the recent outbreak of the MSBlaster computer virus. Sales of the PC-cillin 2003 anti-virus software is expected to jump as computer users seek ways to protect their computers against viruses. The MSBlaster virus has received a high degree of publicity due to its ability to rapidly spread around the Internet without going through email.

"Sales typically increase five-fold every time a new virus outbreak is reported", said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Corp. "Computer users affected by the virus need a quick solution and eventually become long term customers as they realise the important of virus protection. The Jumbo download-and-pay-online service is proving very popular because it provides customers with a fast solution without leaving their computer". Jumbo Corporation operates the viruscheck.com.au website, a leading anti-virus web site. This site allows computer users to scan their computers for viruses and purchase the leading anti-virus software package "PC-cillin 2003" from Jumbo. The product sells for $79.95 for the special "download-and-pay-online" version and ranges up to $299.95 for the corporate 5-used licence pack. Jumbo has developed a unique secure online ordering system that allows customers to securely pay for, download and register the software all in the space of a few minutes. As announced in March 2002 Jumbo announced its agreement with Manaccom Pty Ltd to sell a variety of business software products online, including PC-cillin Anti-virus. Manaccom is a leading software published and distributor in Australia and has been supplying software for over 15 years. The company supplies a variety of software titles including security, business and educational software. Other titles include "Terminet" firewall software and "Net Nanny" safety and privacy software for the Internet. Jumbo General Information Jumbo Corporation controls the online sale of over $20 million worth of goods per year. The company focuses on "Internet Friendly" goods that have proven to sell well over the Internet. This includes computer software, computer hardware and a variety of specialised gifts. The company has developed a range of secure online ordering and promotional software that provides a competitive advantage in marketing the products online. In the 6 months ending December 02 the company posted its first profitable result. For further enquiries, please contact: Mike Veverka, CEO Ph: (07) 3831 3705 Fx: (07) 3831 9720 Email: mike@jumbocorporation.com Web: www.jumbocorporation.com

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