Jumbo Launches New Million Dollar Lottery

Dec 12, 2006

ASX RELEASE – Tuesday 12th December 2006

The Jumbo lottery division today officially launched its first Million Dollar lottery game at www.pinballkeno.com

As announced on 13 November 2006, Jumbo secured an insurance policy to underwrite the $1 million dollar first prize available to players every 2 minutes on PinBallKeno.com.   “PinBallKeno.com is our first game to offer a $1 million first prize that is underwritten by recent insurance policy”, said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo.   “PinBallKeno.com is unique on the Internet because players have a chance to win $1 million every 2 minutes”, he said.   PinBallKeno is a fun game modelled on the popular Pachinko games in Japan. The game is only available to international players, with Australian players encouraged to buy official Australian Lotto games on www.ozlotteries.com.   Todays launch of PinBallKeno.com follows the launch of a range of online scratchies at www.scratchprizes.com on the 9th November 2006.   The online scratch games are similar to traditional scratch games except players buy games online and use their mouse to “scratch” off panels to reveal prizes up to $100,000.   Online Marketing   PinBallKeno.com has been launched with an online marketing campaign that includes the following: 1. Email promotion to existing international players. 2. Search engine marketing and optimisation targetting international traffic via relevant industry keywords. 3. Affiliate marketing. Affiliates are 3rd party marketers that direct customer traffic to a web site for a share of tickets sold. A number of affiliates are part of the Jumboaffiliates.com network and regularly promote available products.   About Jumbo Jumbo Corporation is an IT company with a long history in online e-commerce. The company has recently formed an online lottery division that retails popular lotteries such as Saturday Lotto, Powerball and OzLotto via its flagship website at www.ozlotteries.com.   The Ozlotteries.com web site was recently relaunched following extensive redevelopment (Announcement 20 October 2006).   The lottery division also supports a private computer network of lottery outlets in various Pacific Islands including Fiji, Cook Islands and Norfolk Island.   The Company has recently released its FY06 Financial Report with its 4th consecutive full year profit.   Expansion into Proprietary Lottery Games   On 28 September 2006, Jumbo Directors announced details of a growth strategy to expand into proprietary lottery games to increase its range of games available to customers.   The strategy is aimed at launching its own lottery games in addition to reselling Australian lotteries with the benefit of flexibility to tailor-make games for cultural tastes in specific international markets.   Lottery Business not materially affected by US Legislation   On 3 October 2006, the Company announced that its lottery division would not be materially affected by recent changes in US legislation, with US customers representing only 1.2% of total revenue.   Furthermore, the international growth strategy has been specifically designed to target non-US markets.   MEDIA CONTACTS: Mike Veverka CEO, Jumbo Corporation (07) 3831 3705   Sean Whittington Field Public Relations (08) 8234 9555 (0412) 591 520

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