FY 2013 Results

Aug 22, 2013

A strong finish to FY 2013 has driven leading interactive lottery business, Jumbo Interactive (ASX:JIN), to results ahead of market guidance released in April 2013.

FY 2013 Actual FY 2013 Guidance FY2012 Actual
TTV $109m $102m – $106m $100m
Revenue $25.2m $24m – $25m $24.1m
EBITDA Reported $6.7m $5.3m to $6.1m $10.5m
EBITDA Like-for-like $12.2m $11.0m to $11.8m $11.5m
NPAT Reported $3.0m $2.2m to $2.8m $6.7m
NPAT Like-for-like $6.8m $6.2m to $6.8m $6.6m
Cash (net customer funds) $16.9m $14m to $15m $16.8m
Net Assets $20.5m - $18.1m
Dividend (Full Year) 3.0c 3.0c 3.0c
Customer Database 1.57m - 1.38m

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