Jumbo Interactive Announces Five New Products Released

Sep 7, 2012

Interactive lottery business, Jumbo Interactive Limited, today announced the release of five new lottery products at the Montréal World Lottery Summit.

These new products represent an important step forward in lottery technology and place Jumbo at the forefront of the expanding internet lottery industry.

“We have unveiled our future vision for the world lottery industry and delivered important new products that tie together traditional and internet lottery sales into one single harmonious sales channel”, said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Interactive.

The Montréal World Lottery Summit is the lottery industry’s largest annual gathering and this year combines the WLA (World Lottery Association) and NASPL (North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries) trade shows. Jumbo Interactive has been a proud supporter of both organisations for a number of years.

1. Jumbo Smart Signs Allow customers that see a lottery sign to instantly ‘snap, tap or check in’ to buy tickets, check results and redeem in store offers using their smartphone. ‘Snap’ refers to the familiar QR code (Quick Response Code); ‘Tap’ refers to NFC (Near Field Communications); and ‘Check in’ refers to the use of GPS to verify location. The owner of the sign is credited with the sale and earns a commission. Bonuses and incentives can be used as a way of attracting customers into a retailer’s store.

2. Jumbo e-Retailer Allows traditional retailers to combine digital sales with over the counter sales. Customers are able to purchase tickets through links on the retailer’s own website with sales linked back to that retailer. The system brings together traditional and digital lotteries into a single harmonious system.

3. Jumbo Fun Pickers Lottery players love to choose their favourite numbers when playing the lottery. Jumbo takes this one step further by giving them the choice to also select their favourite star sign, sport, personality, or whatever, adding an extra dimension to lottery play. Classic arcade style casual games can also be played to choose numbers. Jumbo has released its first game and begun partnering with game developers to provide greater choice. Using the e-Retailer system, Jumbo is able to share revenues with those game developers providing a new revenue model as well as new avenues for interactive marketing.

4. Jumbo Group Play (Also known as “Syndicates”) is an innovative way to play lotteries with friends via social media. Players are able to form groups of friends to play lotteries in an organised and socially enticing way.

5. Jumbo Digital Instants Are the digital equivalents of instant games (scratch tickets) on the internet. Currently not permitted in Australia, Jumbo has been active in the debate to include these games in the Australian Interactive Gaming Act. Overseas, digital instants have been accepted and so Jumbo has begun marketing its range of games in those jurisdictions that accept this form of gaming.