Employee Share Option Plan – Issue of Additional Options

Apr 14, 2008

ASX RELEASE – Monday, 14 April 2008

Directors of Manaccom Corporation Limited (ASX:MNL) announce that invitations were issued by the Board to certain eligible employees to participate in the Employee Option Plan and a total of 1,550,000 Plan Options exercisable at 50 cents have been granted in acceptance of those invitations. No Directors have been invited to participate.

An Appendix 3B in respect of the issue of those Plan Options is lodged with this announcement. In addition, Directors announce that 150,000 Plan Options exercisable at $1.00 have been cancelled under the Option Plan There are now 1,475,000 Plan Options exercisable at $1.00 expiring 4 July 2009 and 1,550,000 Plan Options exercisable at 50 cents expiring 31 March 2011. Current ordinary shares total 43,690,025 after cancellation of the current share buy-back block 9 April 2008 For further Information: Mike Veverka CEO, Manaccom Corporation Limited (07) 3331 5950

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