Jumbomall - Conversion of Convertible Note - Appendix 2A

Jul 10, 2000

Document date: Mon 10 Jul 2000 Published: Mon 10 Jul 2000 18:17:35 Document No: 135446 Document part: A Market Flag: N Classification: Issued Capital - Other   JUMBOMALL.COM CORPORATION LIMITED               2000-07-10            ASX-SIGNAL-G HOMEX - Brisbane +++++++++++++++++++++++++ As previously announced on 30th June 2000, shareholders at a General Meeting on the same date approved the issue of a Convertible Note to Removale Pty Ltd which was described in the Explanatory Memorandum (which was issued to shareholders). In essence the Convertible Note enabled the Noteholder to subscribe for shares representing up to 19.9% of the issued capital of the Company, at a price per Share equal to 80% of the market price of the Company's Shares traded on ASX at the time of conversion of the Convertible Note, and with a free attaching Option being granted with each Share issued on conversion. The Company is pleased to announce that having received from Removale Pty Ltd their Notice of Intention to Convert, it has agreed to allot and issue to Removale Pty Ltd 22,941,741 shares (17.02% of the current issued capital) and 22,941,741 free attaching options in satisfaction of this Convertible Note. The amount raised was $1,170,000, and the issue price was calculated in accordance with the Explanatory Memorandum, described above, that being 80% of the market price of the Shares traded on SAX in the 5 business days immediately prior to conversion. Attached is an Appendix 2A applying for quotation of the shares. The attaching options will be unquoted. A S Phillips CHAIRMAN     APPENDIX 2A APPLICATION FOR QUOTATION OF ADDITIONAL SECURITIES AND AGREEMENT This form is for use by an entity seeking quotation of additional securities. The form is in 3 parts: 1. Application for quotation of added securities; 2. Information to be completed; and 3. Agreement to be completed. Information and documents given to ASX in support of an application become ASX's property and may be made public. Introduced 1/7/96. Origin Appendix 2. Amended 1/7/98.   PART 1 - APPLICATION FOR QUOTATION OF ADDITIONAL SECURITIES Name of Entity Jumbomall.com Corporation Limited ACN or ARBN 009 189 128 We (the entity) apply for quotation of securities.   PART 2 - INFORMATION TO BE COMPLETED You must complete the relevant sections (attach sheets if there is not enough space). Amended 1/7/97.   ALL ENTITIES 1 Number of securities for which 22,941,741 quotation is sought 2 Class of the securities for Ordinary shares, fully paid which quotation is sought 3 Principal terms of the securities (eg, if options, exercise price and expiry date; if partly paid securities, the amount outstadning and due dates for payment; if convertible securities, the conversion price and dates for conversion). Ordinary shares, fully paid, (in addition the Company has issued 22,941,741 options expiring on 10/07/2002 exercisable at 20 cents, to be unquoted) 4 Date of allotment of the additional securities 10/07/2000 5 Dates of despatch of certificates, 13/07/2000 or entering of securities into uncertified holdings 6 Number of holders of the One additional securities 7 Issue price of the additional 5.1 cents per share (attaching securities option, free) 8 Purpose of the issue (if issued upon conversion of another security clearly identify that other security. If issued as consideration for the acquisition of assets, clearly identify those assets). Issued on conversion of Convertible Note issued pursuant to authority of shareholders in general meeting held on 30/06/2000 9 Do the securities rank equally in all respects from the date of allotment with an existing class of quoted securities If the additional securities do not rank equally, please state: - * the date from which they do * the extent to which they participate for the next dividend, (in the case of a trust, distribution) or interest payment * the voting rights of the additional securities * the rights of the additional securities to participate in new issues of securities Ordinary shares; Yes {TABLE} 13 X Cheque for fees 14 Periodic payment as agreed with the home branch has been arranged Note: Arrangements can be made for employee incentive schemes that involve frequent issues of securities   ADDITIONAL SECURITIES FORMING A NEW CLASS OF SECURITIES Items 15 to 18 are Not Applicable RESTRICTED SECURITIES Items 19 to 20 are Not Applicable   PART 3 - AGREEMENT 1. Quotation of our additional securities is in ASX's absolute discretion. ASX may quote the securities on any conditions it decides. 2. We warrant to ASX that the issue of the securities to be quoted complies with the law and is not for an illegal purpose, and that there is no reason why those securities should not be granted quotation. 3. We will indemnify ASX to the fullest extent permitted by law in respect of any claim, action or expense arising from or connected with any breach of the warranties in this agreement. 4. We give ASX the information and documents required by this form. If any information or document not available now, will give it to ASX before quotation of the securities begins. We acknowledge that ASX is relying on the information and documents. We warrant that they are (will be) true and complete.   B Burrell DIRECTOR/COMPANY SECRETARY 10/07/2000

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