Continuation of Tatts Reseller Agreement in Victoria

Jul 4, 2013

As previously announced 9 July 2008, Jumbo entered into a 5-year reseller agreement with Tatts in Victoria that expired 30 June 2013.

Notwithstanding the 30 June 2013 expiry date, Jumbo may continue to act as a reseller beyond 30 June 2013 with either party able to terminate the agreement on 30 days’ notice.

Jumbo purchases lottery tickets from the Tatts Group via four (4) similar five year agreements these being Victoria (expired 30 June 2013), New South Wales (expiring 8 December 2013), South Australia (expiring 29 December 2016) and the Northern Territory (expiring 27 September 2017). “There is no change in day-to-day operations and we look forward to a successful FY 2014 which has begun with good sales due to the $50 million Oz Lotto jackpot this week”, said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Interactive Limited.