Jumbo Corporation - Completion of Sale of Small Shareholdings

Mar 21, 2002

Document date: Thu 21 Mar 2002 Published: Tue 26 Mar 2002 13:32:31 Document No: 145916 Document part: A Market Flag: N Classification: Asset Disposal   JUMBO CORPORATION LIMITED                                              2002-03-21          ASX-SIGNAL-G HOMEX - Brisbane +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please be advised that Jumbo Corporation Limited has completed selling the shares in the Company which were the subject of the compulsory sale of small parcels. A total of 1,455,815 shares were sold on-market realizing gross proceeds of $34,694.51. Costs of disposal have been met by the Company. The proceeds are held in a special purpose banking account in trust for the beneficial owners and cheques will now be sent to former shareholders, except for those whose mail has been returned as unable to be delivered, address unknown. Approximately 1,050 former shareholders have mail from the Company returned as unable to be delivered. Pursuant to clause 14 of Schedule 1 of the Company's Constitution, the Company does not intend to mail cheques to those shareholders. Those shareholders have an average holding of 360 shares giving an average value per holding of $8.58 and a total value for the 1,050 former shareholders of $9,008. In due course these retained funds will be remitted to the appropriate government department as unclaimed monies. Please note that shares traded on foreign exchanges (ie Germany) are not effected by this sale. For further information please contact Mike Veverka, CEO, on 07 3831 3705.   M Veverka MANAGING DIRECTOR   http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/showSignalgDetail.do?issuerId=4110&announcementId=471746 16/05/2007 2:28:29 PM

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