CEO Address to Shareholders - November 2010

Nov 15, 2010

ASX RELEASE – Monday, 15 November 2010

"Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the 2010 Manaccom Annual General Meeting."

2010 has been a year of change for the Company. Changes in the board, changes in the major shareholdings and changes to the software business as we methodically work through the restructuring process. However the one constant has been the stellar performance of the Internet lottery business that has grown from $25 million to $42 million to $66 million in revenue over the past 3 years, and is on track to reach $80 million this year. With most of the change behind us, we now look forward to a year that allows the true value of the Internet lottery business to shine through. “Focus” on the Internet lottery business will be the key for us this year. In the past month alone, we have; 1. Signed an agreement with ninemsn for another 2 years, 2. Sold Star System Solutions for $1.7 million, 3. Exhibited our Internet lottery service at NASPL (National Association of State and Provincial Lotteries in the USA) conference in Michigan in front of the management of the US state lotteries. 4. Further promoted our Internet lottery service at the WLA (World Lottery Association) conference here in Brisbane in front of 800 key managers of lotteries around the world, particularly in Europe and Asia. As you can see, the world lottery market is massive and the Internet lottery share varies from 0% in the USA, 5% in Australia, to 15% in the UK and 25% in Finland. Our 10 years of operational experience in Australia, our strong track record and our Internet marketing abilities and our technological developments are our key assets as we push to expand into these new markets. 5. Just a few days ago we unveiled our new website with a new look as well as significant speed improvements. This will set the scene for further improvements in the year ahead as we seek to give our customers an even better experience than before. 6. Social networking is growing in popularity and is not only helping our customers be closer to, but also to you our shareholders as we prepare to unveil our new corporate website after this meeting. This new site will be integrated into facebook and twitter to give shareholders even more information on the progress of the Company.   And so, as you can see by our progress in just the past short month, we are moving quickly to increase our focus and let the Internet lottery business shine through over the next 12 months. The meeting today also makes an important mark in our efforts to increase our focus by asking shareholders to approve a number of resolutions, including a change of name to Jumbo Interactive Limited and our new ASX code “JIN”.   Appreciation All this would not be possible without a dedicated and very hard working team, many who are here today, so I would like to acknowledge their valuable contribution. To my fellow directors, David Barwick, Bonnie Boezeman and Bill Lyne, I would like to thank them for their guidance over the past year and particularly for the year that lies ahead. Thank you.   For further information: Mike Veverka CEO and Executive Director Ph: 07 3831 3705

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