Awarded Licences in all German States

Jul 11, 2013

  • Awarded licenses in all 16 German states to sell official German Lotteries via web and mobile.
  • Website progressing quickly towards launch before end 2013.
  • The internet lottery market size in Germany is expected to grow to $2 billion over 5 years.

Leading interactive lottery business, Jumbo Interactive (ASX: JIN), is pleased to announce that it’s German subsidiary (Jumbo Interactive GmbH) has been awarded licenses for an initial period of 5 years in all 16 German states, permitting the Company to begin selling official German lotteries across the whole country via web and mobile.

“Jumbo now has all the licenses it needs to start selling across the entire country. Our team is working quickly to release the website before the end of 2013”, said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Interactive Limited.

“Based on trends in neighbouring countries, the German Internet lottery market is expected to reach A$2.0 billion in 5 years”, he said.

The current total market size for German lotteries is A$10 billion and neighbouring countries such as Austria and Finland have already reached 20% to 30% Internet lottery sales.

“Jumbo’s 13 years’ experience in growing Internet lotteries in Australia together with our industry-leading software platform places us in a good position as the German Internet lottery market opens up”, said Mr Veverka.