Appendix 3B - Issue of 25 Million Shares Approved by Shareholders

Nov 30, -0001

1 July 2003




Company Announcements Australian Stock Exchange Limited Level 5 , Riverside Centre

123 Eagle Street

Brisbane    Qld 4000                                               lodged electronically to ASX Online




Subject:      Appendix 3B

Issue of 25 million shares approved by shareholders



Dear Sirs,


This letter confirms that the Company’s shareholders approved the issue of 25,000,000 new shares ( twenty five million ) as consideration for the acquisition of the 20% of the Jumbomall business not already owned by the Jumbo group.


Enclosed is an Appendix 3B covering the issue of the shares.


Please note that the new shares are subject to a voluntary restriction period of 12 months commencing 1 July 2003. For further information please contact Mr. Mike Veverka , CEO , on 07 3831 3705.

Yours faithfully

Jumbo Corporation Limited





Mike Veverka CEO

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