Jumbomall Ahead of Projections with 2500 Store Milestone

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Ahead of Projections with 2500 Store Milestone

Document date: Wed 15 Sep 1999

Published: Wed 15 Sep 1999 00:00:00

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The Directors of Jumbomall.com are pleased to announce that Jumbomall

has increased its number of stores by 25% since the issue of its

Prospectus in July.

Jumbomall.com now has over 2,500 stores which consolidates the

Company's position as one of the top online shopping malls in the

world alongside IMALL and slightly less than the number one online

shopping mall, Yahoo.Store with around 3000 stores.

In addition to the increased number of stores, the number of shoppers

on the Jumbomall site has increased by 90% since the issue of the

Prospectus with site hits now in excess of 1,900,000 per month. This

growth is also ahead of projections and is in keeping with the

Jumbomall aim of becoming the biggest online shopping mall in the


This strong growth is attributed to the success of recent marketing

efforts and the focus on global markets. The result also indicates

the demand from merchants for the Jumbomall e-commerce solution.

The Jumbomall has stores from 50 countries around the world with 40%

in the United States.

D Merson


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