Jumbo Interactive 2012 Annual Report Released

Sep 7, 2012

Technology driving positive change.

The global lottery industry is in the midst of change driven by customer demand for technological advancements. The pace is showing no signs of slowing down and Jumbo is investing in the development of these new technologies to help lotteries around the world meet this demand.

Over the past 12 years, Jumbo has built a solid system for selling lotteries on the internet. This technology is driving sales of Australian lotteries delivering profits for Jumbo and its partner lotteries as well as government revenue for social needs. The system has also become a competitive edge in the Company’s efforts to expand into new countries.

The highlight from the 2012 results is a 39% increase in net profit after tax to $6.7 million. Total Transaction Value (TTV) increased 32% from $76 million to $100 million and revenue increased 33% from $18 million to $24 million.

A 2.0c dividend was declared bringing the total for the year to 3.0c. Cash levels have reached $16.8 million plus $4.9 million for customer account balances. Trade and other payables are $5.5 million resulting in net cash for Jumbo of $11.3 million. This is earmarked for expansion into the US or other jurisdictions.