AGM Results - November 2007

Nov 22, 2007


(formerly Jumbo Corporation Limited)

22 November 2007

Australian Securities Exchange
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(formerly Jumbo Corporation Limited)


The Company is pleased to advise that at the Annual General Meeting held this morning all resolutions as per the Notice of Meeting (NOM) dated 18 October 2007 were approved by shareholders.

Annual Accounts

The Company Financial Report, Directors Report and Auditors Report for the period to 30 June 2007 were considered and received.


The following resolutions were passed on a show of hands:

Resolution 1 Adoption of the Remuneration Report
Resolution 2 – Re-election of Mr David Barwick as a Director
Resolution 3 – Election of Mr Ian Mackay as a Director
Resolution 4 Consolidation of share capital on a 10:1 basis The consolidation will proceed following the timetable included with the NOM, attached hereto for ease of reference
Resolution 5 Change of Company name to Manaccom Corporation Limited The change of name has been effected today and a copy of the Certificate of Registration on Change of Name is attached It is expected that the Company will commence trading on ASX under its new code MNL effective from 11 December 2007.

Proxies Attached are the details of proxy votes received.

Bill Lyne
Company Secretary
Mobile: 0418 874 175

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