Distributed Workplace at Jumbo

Jumbo provides a flexible work environment where employees are empowered to choose a workplace where they are most comfortable and productive. This flexibility enables our people to manage their work and time to suit their needs, whilst continuing to achieve their career and personal objectives.

Illustration Jumbo Office

We have stepped up our ability to work together, virtually, through the use of tools like Zoom and Slack. We are using video conferencing so all employees can remain connected.

We have a wide variety of flexible work arrangement options for employees to choose where they work: remote, in-office or a combination of both.

As a company, we’ll support those who choose to work remote by continuing and improving our remote-first processes - Zoom for meetings, less/no reliance on in person gatherings and equipment - with our goal being that every team member is as effective as they can be, regardless of where they work. As a business, we will continue to deliver great outcomes.

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