We provide innovative online distribution channels to traditional lotteries. Our customers choose Jumbo as the most convenient path to purchase lottery tickets and to dream of winning.

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What we do

We provide innovative online distribution channels to traditional lotteries.
Our customers choose Jumbo as the most convenient path to purchase lottery tickets and to dream of winning.

Jumbo Interactive Limited (ASX: JIN) sells lottery tickets online throughout the world including in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. We do this though official agreements with authorised local lottery organisations to create a secure e-retail environment for our customers. Our commitment to innovation ensures customers can easily purchase lottery tickets on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Jumbo specialises in selling traditional lottery tickets through new online channels.

We work in partnership with international lottery organisations to develop transactional websites for their ticket sales. Alternatively, Jumbo can act as an online agent selling tickets for lottery organisations through our Jumbo Lotto branded websites that are adapted to each country’s requirements.

Our customers like the convenience of buying their lottery tickets online. It’s quick, easy and they get the results emailed to them.


We have a long history as a successful e-commerce business.

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Jumbo Interactive was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1999 as an e-commerce business with an online shopping mall.

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Shortly after this in 2000, laws were changed to permit the sale of lottery tickets on the internet in Australia, so Jumbo started selling charity art union games online.

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In 2005, Jumbo expanded into national lotteries with the acquisition of the website.

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After enjoying impressive domestic growth, in 2009 Jumbo began to actively explore international online lottery opportunities...

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and in the 2013 financial year succeeded in securing agreements in Germany and the USA. Jumbo will continue this growth strategy to achieve its vision of becoming the global leader in the online lottery industry.

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In 2015, Jumbo formed partnerships with a number of Australian charities to sell charity lottery tickets on its flagship site, Oz Lotteries.

‘Jumbo offers traditional lotteries exposure to new customers through online channels’

Mike Veverka
— Founder, CEO and Executive Director

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Social Responsibility

Gambling is a form of entertainment, however for some people it can cause financial problems and personal distress. Jumbo Interactive is committed to providing a stable environment for players to set their spending limits and we take every step to discourage excessive gambling.

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Jumbo Interactive is a platinum member of the World Lottery Association, North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA), and The European Lotteries.

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These associations promote sound and sustainable gaming for public benefit.

Unregulated internet e-retailers sell game entries outside the control of official lottery organisations. This leads to significant loss of government revenue and player protection. The nature of the internet makes it difficult to regulate these vendors and so they have flourished over the past decade.

Jumbo is an authorised internet lottery e-retailer through our application and attainment of licences from official lottery organisations. After becoming a qualified e-retailer, Jumbo adheres to government regulations to operate and sell lottery products. This free market model encourages competitiveness and delivers better services for customers. Jumbo differentiates its offering through innovative play technology and smart marketing. Lottery organisations enjoy new online representation of their products for changing customers.